I created a ko-fi page to help support my student loan payments. Check it out and buy me a coffee if you like what I do! Thanks, friends.

Finally made myself a logo. I can’t believe I hadn’t settled on anything for so long. But I think the best representation of myself at this time is a cat. So here she is, ladies and gentlemen.

This is Boris the baby dragon. I created this character to submit to Jazwings Call for Characters, and he has now reached 100% voting success. Now we wait to hear whether he will become a toy, a game, a cartoon, a book, etc. Hooray!!

I was asked to redesign a mascot for Preble High School. Go Hornets!!

Here is a logo I made for a small business this month

Here are some sketchbooks I made for a commission. They are watercolor paper hand stitched together one by one, with real birch bark for covers, and waxed hemp thread. Each book is unique and made individually for commission.